About Judy

We all have times in our lives when we seek the help of others to make life easier. Could we do the job ourselves and get good results? Perhaps we could but, do we have the time to do the job as well as a professional?

I am a wife of 39 years, a mother of 3, a grandmother of 5 and a Realtor. I understand that life sometimes throws us curveballs we did not expect. I help people buy and sell real estate for a living. I understand the laws regarding real estate and how they apply. More importantly, in the midst of contract negotiations and all that entails, I remember that the people involved matter most.

I have made real estate my career because I enjoy the thrill of looking my clients in the eyes and seeing the joy and relief on their faces when they realize their transaction has come to a successful close. I would like the opportunity to be “Your NH Real Estate Professional”.


  1. Judy,
    Very appealing, nice site! As a former proof reader just one typo above- add a “d” to midst.
    and I really love the photo of the thank you card and your write up-Nancy

  2. Hey jude, You need to remove “just another wordpress.com weblog” form your title.

  3. Wow! I Googled NH Real Estate Market Voice and this came up FIRST!.

    • yes but I still have a long way to go because people don’t search like that unless they know me- I need to use key words in my posts to drive traffic my way.

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